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                                                                                 The Slaughter Pipeline, Holocaust on Horses.
Every year thousands of thoroughbreds and other breeds are shipped across our borders to Canada and Mexico to be brutally slaughtered. It is a cruel and horrendous journey once horses end up in the slaughter pipeline. Crowded in feed lots and kill pens, bitten, kicked and bruised, little or no access to hay or water. Then packed in to trailers as many as 40 at time to endure a long and exhausting ride to the slaughter plants where they are brutally killed. The meat is then shipped overseas for consumption. Imagine the fear, pain and  suffering the horses endure. Our American horses deserve better than this from all of us but especially from our legislators who have let them down time after time and failed again in 2022 to stop horse slaughter.  This must stop and we must demand from our representatives to
do the right thing  stop horse slaughter and protect our horses once and for all from being exported across our borders for slaughter.

House of Representatives:
Imprecision kill pen picture - Copy (4).jpg

Imprecision at a feed lot/kill pen in Texas 2017.  Bought for $210,00 as a yearling. At some point after his racing career ended he was discarded and ended up in the slaughter pipeline. Luckily our organization was able to rescue him. He now has the best home a horse could ever have with his loving adopters in Georgia.

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