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Mission Statement

The R.A.C.E. Fund was established in 2004 to help thoroughbred horses in need of retirement or rescue when their racing careers are over.  Our  organization pioneered in creating and implementing the first thoroughbred  retirement  program  and funding from the racing industry in Pennsylvania . We have worked to bring awareness about horse slaughter and have encouraged the the racing industry on a national  level  to provide the necessary funding for racehorse retirement, rescue,  rehabilitation and sanctuary care.  We have saved many thoroughbreds from going to slaughter and given them a second chance at life which they so very much deserve,  however there is still much work to be done on behalf of  horses  to ensure their well being and safety after racing and beyond.

To preserve the lives of thoroughbred racehorses and racetrack pony horses who can no longer race or work by facilitating and providing for their care and well being during their transition to retirement, sanctuary care and or adoption. Uphold the integrity of racing by encouraging horsemen and the racing industry to give back to these gallant creatures who have given so much to them. Work to put an end to horse slaughter in the United States

Board of Directors


Marlene Murray, President, Co- Founder and Chairperson

Former Thoroughbred Owner and Trainer


Catherine George, Vice-President

OTTB Owner-Rider/Horse Show Competitor


John Murray, Board Member

                Former Thoroughbred Trainer-Stall Supt.


                            Honorary Board Members


  • Arthur L. Kelley, Co-Founder ( In Memorium)

  • Patricia Bewley, Co Founder

  • Diana Meyers, Co-Founder

  • Charlene Johnson

  • Brent Kelley

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